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5 Factors That Determine Solar Battery Cost

If you’ve recently been considering installing a Solar Power System, you’ve probably encountered the issue of solar batteries. Even though battery systems are growing more popular, many homeowners still need to familiarize themselves with them. Solar batteries enable you to save the energy your Solar Panels produce for later use. Combining Solar Panels with batteries to create a ‘hybrid solar system’ offers several advantages, including access to reliable backup power.

5 Factors That Determine Solar Battery Cost

Manufacturer Of Solar Batteries

The brand you select, like everything else you buy, will impact the battery’s price. This is because many brands offer various features, and quality and employ different manufacturing procedures. You must select solar batteries depending on your needs and energy requirements.

The Number Of Installed Batteries

The quantity of solar batteries required is determined by the following:

  • How much energy do you use in kilowatt-hours?
  • The battery’s storage capacity
  • How many appliances do you intend to power?
  • How long do you want your appliances to run?
  • In most cases, one to two solar batteries will store enough energy to meet your energy needs while providing backup power to a few critical circuits during a power outage.

Backup Power Supply Panel

In most cases, solar batteries can’t power a home’s needs, including lights and the fridge. You will need extra batteries to run your air conditioner during a blackout or if you’re off-grid. Because a battery can’t power your complete house, you may need to set up a sub-panel to power your most important appliances. 

Labor Expenses

Labor affects the cost of a residential solar battery installation. Suppose the batteries and Solar Panels are manufactured together. All electrical work and permitting for the solar and battery systems will be done simultaneously, reducing labor expenses. 

Rebates And Incentives

The cost of installing a solar battery may also vary based on the available solar battery incentives in your area. In addition, if you meet the requirements for the federal solar tax credit you may qualify to save an additional 30% on installation costs.

These are just a few things to think about when looking for a solar battery. Keep in mind that this is a significant investment. As a result, discussing with specialists and getting answers to your questions is essential.

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